Welcome to the second development update of QuantumCore.

The described changes reflect the changes between the 6th May (13e01749) and 18th May (d9a795bf).

Note: This blog post was not published before the 24th November.


The main change of this development update is the implementation of basic attacking (Merged !20). Currently we didn’t implemented 100% attack nor defense calculation, but basic functionality is in place.

  • Monsters are chasing you
  • Monsters are attacking you when they are in range
  • Groups will target the player after first attack
  • Monsters are targeting the player which dealt the most damage
  • The player is able to die and respawn (town is currently respawning here too)

Look at the short video showing fighting, chasing and dying.

Minor changes

  • Improvement to multithreaded implementation of networking (Merged !17)
  • Better error handling in network thread (Merged !17)
  • Randomize handshake (Closes #30, merged !19)
  • Source Groups for Visual Studio

New maintainer

We like to welcome masodikbela to the team of maintainers.